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Social Media Marketing

Setting up Social Media

Setting up a business on social networks takes much more than filling in a form. Lots of the most important aspects are easily overlooked when creating a new business profile or page. Maintaining consistency across the web with your brand’s voice and visual elements is critical for brand recognition. You’ll also need to pay attention to who will run your accounts, and how they’ll do so.

Which Social Media will Work for You?

Don’t sign up for EVERY social media channel because they are new or popular kid on the block. Determine which is MOST relevant to your business. Rather be excellent with one or two channels than mediocre at five or six. Before deciding which social media channel to be active on, work out a clear and implementable plan. Many people lose their business focus while becoming social. It has a negative effective on the business due to the time lost trying to come to terms with social media.

What Kind of Content Should You Post?

Though each social network demands a slightly different approach to get the best results, if the core style of each account is recognizable, your customers will more easily find and connect with you. Too much variety in the look and feel of your profile or the voice behind your account can cause confusion to your audience.

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